Hadrien Feraud Improvising Concept Part1 (translated into English)



I talk about how Hadrian Feraud improvise.

when he improvise, he usually use melodic minor scale over minor 7th chord,altered 7th chord,7th chord(#11),minor 7th b5 chord.

now thinking based on key C.

(↑C Melodic Minor Scale)

in Cm7,we usually use C Dorian Scale.

But also can use C Melodic Minor Scale.


in Cm7(b5),we usually use C Locrian Scale.

But we also can use F Locrian #2 Scale.

(↑A Locrian #2 Scale)

C Locrian #2 Scale is the same as F Melodic Minor Scale.


in C7(#11),we use C Lydian 7th Scale.

C Lydian 7th Scale is the same as G Melodic Minor Scale.


in C7alt,we can interpret C7(#9),C7(b13),C7(b9) as C7alt.

so we can use C Altered Scale.

we can use C# Melodic Minor Scale.


but now be aware of the following point.

Hadrien use C altered scale(=C# Melodic Minor Scale) when C7 is Dominant 7th.

and use C Lydian 7th Scale(=G Melodic Minor Scale) when C7 is not Dominant 7th.



for example I talk cherokee chord progression(first 16 bars)

BbM7      Fm7 Bb7  EbM7    Ab7    Bb6    C7    Cm7 G7 Cm7 F7

(↑transcription of Hadrien’s solo of “Cherokee”)


in Bb7(in the 4th measure),Bb7 is Dominant to EbM7.

so Bb7 is interpreted as Bb7alt and we can use B Melodic  Minor  Scale.

in Ab7(in the 7-8th measure) and C7(in the 11-12th measure),these aren’t Dominant 7th

so those are interpreted as Ab7(#11) and C7(#11).

we can use each Eb Melodic  Minor  Scale and G Melodic  Minor  Scale.

in G7(in the 14th measure),F7(in the 16th measure),G7 is dominant 7h to Cm7 and F7 is dominant 7th to BbM7.

so these are interpreted as G7alt and F7alt.

we can use each G# Melodic  Minor  Scale and F# Melodic  Minor  Scale.



and  for another example,I talk about my video ”punk jazz” from YouTube.

This song has a chord progression like a’|E7   |Bb7   |C7  |C7  |D7  |Ab (alt )|C7  |C7  | ’

Hadrian improvise as below

E7B melodic minor scale

Bb7F melodic minor

C7G melodic minor

D7 A melodic minor

Ab(alt)A melodic minor

He interprets E7 as E7(#11),Bb7 as Bb7(#11),C7 as C7(#11).



at last,I talk about Minor Ⅱ-V- I progression.

like a “Dm7(b5) – G7(#9) – Cm7”

as above,in this chord progression,Hadrien play like

Dm7(b5)   F Melodic Minor Scale

G7(#9)   G# Melodic Minor Scale

Cm7   C Melodic Minor Scale

Using melodic minor scale makes us playing like him.

Please have fun:)


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