Hadrien Feraudの右手薬指A弦ミュートと親指B弦E弦ミュート(Hadrien’s right hand ring finger A string mute and thumb finger B,E string mute)


(English translation is below)


さてさて、今日はHadien Feraudの右手薬指A弦ミュートと親指B弦E弦ミュートについてお話しします。と言っても長くなる話ではないです。でもとても重要な事だと思います。

ベーシストのとても重要で、でも意外と多くの人が重きを置いていないと思うのが、弦のミュートです。ジャコパストリアスもdonna Leeでミュートをマスターするのに9年かかったと教則ビデオで語っています。














Hadrien Feraud 35歳の誕生日おめでとうございます!!(日本時間で8月16日生まれ)




It will be the first time in a long time. lol

Today we will talk about Hadrien Feraud’s right-hand ring finger A string mute and thumb B string E string mute.

Before entering the main topic, I made a stage name recently. Until now, it was the real name of Yuki Koike, but it was changed to the stage name Yuki Atori. Atori is read as Atori. Insta and YouTube are also changed here.

The reason for the change is that I simply didn’t want to wear it in search, so I like guitarist Ichika, and make it look the same! That is the momentum. My friend’s drummer is named.

After that, yuki koike will be able to find a lot of people other than me …

Atori, will it be recognized?


Well, today we will talk about Hadrien Feraud’s right hand ring finger A string mute and thumb B string E string mute. It ’s not a long story. But I think it ’s very important.

String mute is a very important bassist, but surprisingly many people don’t care about it. Jaco Pastorius also has 7 years to master mute? I tell you in the instructional video that it took.

Like myself, Hadrien uses a 5-string bass. When a multi-string bass is used, it often happens that a string that is not being played vibrates during the performance, producing a sound. When I listen to a recording of my performance, sometimes the B or A string cannot be muted and it is often noisy.

So I took a close look at the video on how Hadrien is muting.

Then, when I was not playing the A string, I put the ring finger on the right hand on the A string and always muted it.

There was an easy-to-understand video. In the following video, the right hand ring finger A string mute and thumb B string E string mute are easy to see around 5: 37-6: 00.

When playing the G and D strings, you will always see that the right hand ring finger is on the A string and the right thumb is on the E string. Your thumb is also on the E string.

Although it is a mute of the B and E strings, as you can see from the image, Hadrien always puts the thumb of the right hand on the E string when playing the A, D, and G strings . The B string can also be touched by the thumb, so the B and E strings are also muted.

Hadrien was muted in this way, because the open string tends to sound when playing fast.

(But sometimes Hadrien also has a video where the A string is not muted, lol)

Recently, I have always been playing this right hand ring finger A string B mute and B string mute.


This time I briefly summarized the mute of strings like this, but this is quite important.

See you next time …


Hadrien Feraud Happy 35th birthday! ! (Born August 16 in Japan time)

I am 25 years old now, but only 10 years old is different.